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Local organizations help renovate Worthy Women Recovery Home

By Matt Fritz
Staff writer

La PORTE — Constructing a home for incarcerated women transitioning to a successful life in La Porte is a dream for Sonshine Troche.

A dream she pushes closer to reality each day she gets help from the community on the Worthy Women Recovery Home in La Porte.

On Thursday, volunteers from the Local Roofers 23 union out of South Bend were the latest to donate their talents, and they did this by installing a new roof on the building.

On the previous weekend some 21 volunteers visited the home in La Porte to help Troche rip off the roof so it could be replaced with a more modern and durable structure.

Troche said the demolition work is now 85 percent complete for the home, and she will soon be able to focus her time on raising money for the remodeling costs.

She said this part of the building project was originally going to cost her an estimated $17,000, but then Tonn & Blank Construction donated the architectural drawings and labor from the South Bend union, and Allied Roofing supplied materials at a 50 percent discount, dropping the price to $3,700, a savings of nearly $13,000.

"So we're getting a lot lot done for very little money," she said.

Originally scheduled to be open by the end of this month, Troche has pushed the completion date back to sometime next year due to the discovery of more extensive damage to the interior of the structure.

Although the extra work was disappointing, she said the community support for the project has been great.

The La Porte High School building trades class, which previously helped tear out portions of the home's interior, removed about a third of the roof over a two day period.

She also had help from two men on probation, who were professional roofers. They did the project as part of the community work requirement of their probation.

Troche said she is still on the lookout for donations. She said businesses with any involvement in construction or construction supplies are welcome to donate labor or material.

"We have so much that needs to be done," she said.

The Worthy Women Recovery Home is a 501C3 organization.

On Saturday, Nov. 3, Troche will host the Worthy Women Fourth Annual Dinner at the Silver Palace in La Porte.

The event will last from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. and will feature guest speaker Dr. Mann Spitler, who will relate his experiences after discovering the dead body of his daughter after she overdosed.

For more information on the Worthy Women Recovery Home, or to enquire how to help, contact Troche at (219) 405-7006, or visit its website at worthyrecovery.org.

Donations can also be mailed to WWRH, PO Box 116, La Porte, IN 46352.