• Motorcycle Trivia Run

    Saturday August 30th

    8:00am - 2:00pm

    Join the Morotcycle Ride
    Meet Anna Grechishkina from Kiev, Ukraine

    Dunk Tank, Bounce House...

    Saturday August 30th

    1:00 - 8:00pm

    Come Play the Dunk Tank
    Or Jump in the Bouncy House

    Food, Fun and Games

    Saturday August 30th

    1:00 -  8:00pm

    Food, Fun and Games

    For everyone of all ages

    Live Music

    Saturday August 30th

    1:00 - 8:00pm

    Live Music with
    David Folberg and

    Zachariah Kirkham

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    Follow our construction progress as we work on the Recovery Home, preparing to impact the lives of the ladies reentering from incarceration.


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    Hear My Heart

    I am passionate about helping people. Nothing excites me more than seeing the hopeless become hopeful.


We at Worthy Women Recovery Home Inc. (WWRH) are ecstatic to announce the recent opening of our endowment fund with the Unity Foundation of LaPorte County. Maggi Spartz, President of the Unity Foundation, is evidently passionate about helping nonprofits. {joomplu:85}

To donate to our Fund call them at 219-879-0327 or Toll Free at 1-888-89-UNITY (86489).

The WWRH endowment fund is a wonderful opportunity for us to grow our business relationships in LaPorte County, promote our mission and build our home with confidence. It gives us the opportunity to increase the sustainable income it will take for daily operations.

With the money raised at our November 2010 Dinner, and the one time donations thru December 2010, we were able to begin the Worthy Women Recovery Home Fund with $7000. Maggi has been an exciting and wonderful source of inspiration for WWRH, long before the thought of an endowment fund was ever discussed. Maggie and Sue Regetz, Vice President of Unity, have been so very gracious, providing articulated insight on strategic planning, as well as sharing the importance of communicating personally with local businesses.  The Unity Foundation has provided us with a wealth of knowledge for seeking grant opportunities from Indiana businesses interested in helping our cause.

“Sonshine” stated, “The Unity Foundation wants us to succeed, they want to help us, so that we can successfully help others”.  Maggie encouraged us to “think for the future success of  Worthy Women Recovery Home” by establishing our fund to create continued income, also called sustainability. Our endowment fund is a secure financial avenue for putting a portion of our donors money to work, with little cost to us and an excellent opportunity to grow our fund.